Spirit – 2004 Sols on Mars

Imagine getting something that was initially designed to last 90 days, but after 2000 days, it’s still functioning well… what do you have to say to the designers who designed it?

Fantastic! Unbelievable! Excellent job! Congratulations!

This are what I want to say to our little robot Spirit’s mission designers, engineers and controllers. Spirit was initially planned as a 90-sol (Martian day, which is about 40 minute longer than Earth-day) mission, but until today – after 2004 sols since its landing in January 2004 – it is still alive and kicking, although unfortunately it is currently stuck on a patch of soft sand on the Martian land called Troy.

Since it landing on the red planet, Spirit has driven 4.8 miles and together with its twin Opportunity on the other side of the planet, they have returned more than 246,000 images to planet Earth.


Spirit’s traverse map through Sol 2000. Click the image for complete route since Sol 1.

Spirit’s team members are now working hard to free Spirit from the Martian sand trap and hopefully they will be able to get it out soon.

Go Spirit! Go!

Spirit-1st Image

This is the first color image of Mars taken by the panoramic camera on Spirit.
Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell.


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