Tioman’s Crescent Moon

Yesterday night I saw a beautiful crescent Moon after having my dinner. This crescent Moon reminded me that a month had passed since I last saw it… and reminded me that I had an unfinished business…

Last month I was holidaying on an island called Pulau Tioman located at the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. This is a beautiful island with clear blue-green water and lots of corals. (Click here to see some of my photos.) It’s a good place to relax and enjoy.

But what I most looking forward to is the night sky; far away from city light, how will the night sky be? It turned out to be good, but unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. I was clouded out the first night and only a patch of sky was clear on the second night.

I didn’t come back empty handed though… at least I got to see and capture the Moon, which was really very beautiful…

Crescent Moon by thChieh

Crescent Moon by thChieh

I actually plan to post the photos here when I came back, but I keep procrastinating. If not for the crescent Moon yesterday, I won’t realise that I had been putting this off for so long.

Crescent Moon by thChieh

Thanks to this Crescent Moon for reminding me of my unfinished job…


~ by thChieh on October 22, 2009.

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