My New Year’s Day Observing Partial Lunar Eclipse

Happy New Year!!

I spent the early hours of New Year’s Day observing the blue moon partially went into our planet’s shadow, and then spent the rest of the day sleeping…

When the clock strike 12 and all the fireworks went off, the Moon was nowhere to be seen… it was very cloudy and even threaten to rain… Once in a while, the Moon popped out to say hi and then disappeared again behind the clouds. Patiently we waited for the clouds to clear. Then on the critical moment, i.e. maximum eclipse, our patient was paid off. The sky started to clear, clear and clear and suddenly voila, the clouds were gone!! We can even see Mars and Saturn! Unbelievable that the sky can change so fast…

Happily, I snapped some photos and share them below…

Click the image for more. Credit: thChieh (APGM)


~ by thChieh on January 2, 2010.

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