Photos of Total Lunar Eclipse – 10 Dec 2011

The total lunar eclipse last Saturday was great! The weather cooperated – the sky was partially cloudy, but the clouds were mostly at not where the Moon was. Although occasionally the clouds hide the Moon, overall I still managed to get most of the eclipse progress.

This is my best shot of the night and I like it very much. This image shows 3 things: (1) part of the Moon not in shadow (bright part at the lower right), (2) turquoise colour edge and (3) the reddish Earth’s shadow (see diagram below for illustration).

The turquoise colour in the previous image I took in Jun was not that obvious and this time I was hoping to get a more definite turquoise colour and I’m happy that it turned up nicely in the image. As was explained in my previous post, the turquoise blue colour comes from light passing through the ozone layer, which absorbs red light and makes the passing light bluer. This can be seen as a soft blue fringe around the red core of Earth’s shadow.


I had combined all the photos into a short video. Enjoy!


This is how the sky looked like at the beginning of the eclipse. Luckily the clouds were moving and it was clear after that.

Credit: all photos by thchieh


~ by thChieh on December 14, 2011.

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  1. Nice…. Thanks for sharing. Actually I was about to ask you to upload some photos of the lunar eclipse. I’ve taken a few but since I’m not good enough at taking photos the results didn’t come out well. Anyway…. gud job…

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