About My Dark Sky


This blog is named “my dark sky”, with the hope that not only all of us but also our future generations will have the chance to bath in starlights under a truly dark sky.

This is a place where we share the wonders of the universe, to understand how it works, and to update ourselves on the latest findings in astronomy and space science.

For beginners who have just stepped into the world of astronomy, this blog aims to be your guide. Outreach and educations will be one of the main objectives at My Dark Sky.

For seasoned astronomy lovers, this blog aims to provide you with the latest news and findings. Hopefully you will increase your understanding of the universe here.

And for those who accidentally drop by, this blog aims to infect you with “astronomy bugs”. We welcome you to join the astronomical family.

And lastly, My Dark Sky hopes to create more exposure to astronomy, especially to the local public, and to change the public perceptions that “astronomy = see stars“.

Always look up, and you will be rewarded with the beauty of the night sky…


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