Blogroll – Part 2

Hope you have a good time exploring the sites I suggested yesterday.
Now, let’s continue…


(4)  Galaxy Zoo – a place where we can contribute to the astronomy world.  This zoo consists of millions and millions of galaxies and you can help to identify the shape of a galaxy; weather a galaxy is an elliptical, a spiral or a merger or not a galaxy at all. You click the appropriate button, and the next galaxy automatically pop-up for you to identify.

To start, what you need to do is sign-up, take a brief tutorial in practicing classifying galaxies. After the tutorial you will take a short trial to test your skills to see how well you can identify galaxy. If you don’t pass the trial, you can try again. Once you pass the trial, you can start contributing to Galaxy Zoo science!   A very brief introduction here.


(5)  Weather report… but for space… This is SpaceWeather.  A quick place to find information of the current Sun (such as sunspots, flare, coronal hole, solar wind etc.), near-Earth asteroid, auroras, some sky event alerts, and a lot of beautiful images from around the world.


(6)  Thinking of buying a telescope or any astronomy related equipment?  Thinking of organizing a star party and need some help?  Thinking of having an astro-tourism trip where you can have daytime tour of places of interest and nighttime stargazing?  Thinking of organizing an astronomy camp for your school or setup an astronomy club?

Your answer to all the questions above can be found at Stargazer Scientific, located in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur – an expert in organizing astronomical events, courses, camps and provision of full ranges of telescope and astronomy related equipment. 

They also run the Stargazer Forum where you can post any astronomy related questions or look for any second-hand equipment.


(7)  Universe Today will keep you update on astronomy and space news.  Not only that, sometime they have book reviews and beautiful images to share.


Temporary that’s all for now.  There are a few more sites I have in mind, but I think I’ll post them later.  If you have some interesting sites you want to share, please post it in the comments below. Thanks!


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