Partial Lunar Eclipse on 17 August 2008 (Images1)

So, as promised, below is the sequence of last weekend partial lunar eclipse with the Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower (barely visible to the left) as foreground. Unfortunately, both the towers had switched off their light so they are not so prominent as they usually are.

20080817 Partial Lunar Eclipse by thchieh. Click to enlarge.

17 August 2008 Partial Lunar Eclipse Sequence from 5:45 am to 6:55 am. Nikon D70, ISO200, Composite of 14 images. Credit: thchieh (APGM).

After looking at the “real” lunar eclipse, let’s take a look at a “fake” one taken after the “real” eclipse.

20080817 Fake Lunar Eclipse by thchieh. Click to enlarge.

This “fake” lunar eclipse was taken after the “real” partial lunar eclipse on 17 August 2008. The missing part of the Moon was not due to Earth’s shadow but was due to the clouds near the horizon. Canon350D, ISO200, 0.5 sec. Credit: thchieh (APGM).

As the Moon was setting near the twin tower, the sky was getting brighter. Suddenly I spot the tip of the tower in my telescope. Realising this is going to be a good photo opportunity, I readjust the camera and telescope – in panic, because the Moon was setting fast and “disappearing” into the cloud – and shoot. Arrgh… bad shooting angle… readjust and shoot again and again and again… and above was the best I got.

It looks a bit blur, maybe due to equipment shake; maybe I didn’t focus it well; maybe is because of the haze; or just maybe is all of the above.

That’s not all; I still have one more set of images to stitched, so stay tuned.


~ by thChieh on August 19, 2008.

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