China’s Maiden Spacewalk a Success

China’s first-ever spacewalk is a success, so China now is the third country after the former Soviet Union and the United States to accomplish a spacewalk.

Chinese taikonaut Zhai Zhigang wearing the homemade Feitian spacesuit, pulled himself out of the orbital module of Shenzhou-7 at around 4:43 pm local time. He waved to the camera mounted on the service module and said: “I feel well. I am here greeting the Chinese people and people of the whole world”.

Shenzhou-7 EVA

This video grab is taken on Sept. 27, 2008 in Beijing, China, shows Chinese taikonaut Zhai Zhigang outside the orbital module. Credit: Xinhua Photo

Minutes after Zhai was outside the capsule, teammate Liu Boming also emerged briefly and handed Zhai a Chinese national flag that Zhai waved in the outer space against the backdrop of the blue planet Earth. The third crew member, Jing Haipeng, monitored the ship from inside the re-entry module.

Outside the capsule, Zhai retrieved a test sample of solid lubricant placed outside the orbital module and handed it over to Liu. Then the “real” spacewalking started. Tethered to the spacecraft with two safety wires and a long electric cord providing oxygen and communications, Zhai moved slowly along a set of handrails around the orbital module.

After staying outside in space for about 20 minutes, the taikonaut returned to the orbital module in a foot-in-first position, marking a complete success of China’s first space walk.

Source: Xinhua News

Shenzhou-7 Spacewalk


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