The Fiery End of Jules Verne

Jules Verne successfully completed its six-month mission when it re-entered our atmosphere and burned up over the South Pacific.

Jules Verne reentry.

Jules Verne reentry.

First images received from the DC-8 aircraft which observed the re-entry of Jules Verne ATV over the Pacific Ocean. Credits: ESA.

Its final de-orbit burn slowed its velocity to 70 m/s and it broke up at an altitude of 75 km with the remaining fragments falling into the Pacific some 12 minutes later.

“Credit has to go to everyone involved in such a flawless mission.” said John Ellwood, ESA’s ATV Project Manager and he is looking forward to the launch of the next ATV, which is currently under production at EADS Astrium in Bremen, Germany.


~ by thChieh on September 30, 2008.

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