Partial Solar Eclipse of 26 Jan 2009

The sky was still clear when I setup my equipment. But as soon as I was done, the clouds were rolling in… arrrrghhhhh…


Somehow, the Sun managed to poke out of the cloud on and off.


Around 5:20 pm, the clouds covered the western sky and that’s it… I never saw the Sun since then that day… ironically, the eastern sky was so blue and free from clouds! arrrrghhhhh…

See that strip of blue sky there? I was hoping that at least I can catch the end of the eclipse there. But as the Sun set, so did the clouds! arrrrghhhhh again…

sky2-dsc_0355  sky3-dsc_0363

Anyway, although I didn’t manage to see the whole eclipse, I’m still very happy because this was my first time of photographing a solar eclipse. It’ll be my training for this coming July TOTAL solar eclipse in China. Wanna join me?


~ by thChieh on January 29, 2009.

7 Responses to “Partial Solar Eclipse of 26 Jan 2009”

  1. Where are you going for the July eclipse?

  2. […] couldn’t get a nice picture… As my camera is not PROFESSIONAL enough to do the job. But My Dark Sky has a nice picture… much more better and DECENT compare to […]

  3. not sure yet… either Wuhan or Shanghai. I’ll be going with APGM.
    u interested?

  4. Yes, I’m interested. In fact I’m going to Hangzhou to watch it and was hoping that we could meet up there.

  5. […] January 26, during this lunar month’s new moon, we have a partial solar eclipse. 15 days later, on the same lunar month’s full moon, we are going to have a lunar […]

  6. we may change our plan to hangzhou. but we don’t need to meet in china, right? If you are in KL, just drop me a line n maybe we can meet up.

  7. I’m currently not in Malaysia. So if you do change plan to observe in Hangzhou, it will be great if I can meet you there and join your observation team. I think it’ll be more fun observing in a group. :)

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