The Star Formation Game

This is cool…

Do you think playing computer game is a waste of time?

Not if you combined science and game.

When you looked up at the stars, have you ever wondered how the stars are formed? Did you know that these stars will eventually die and the massive ones will go supernova? And did you know that supernova explosions can cause new stars to be born?

Basically, stars are born from clouds of gas. These gases are just hanging out in space, balanced between gravity and pressure, until “something” come along and disturbed them. The “something” can be collision between the clouds, or a nearby supernova explosion compressed the gases and causes them to collapse and form new stars.

And now, you can use this concept to play a game called The Star Formation Game. In this game, you start with a gas cloud, a certain amount of “free supernova seeds” and your job is to create stars. Just click where you want the supernova to explode; this will subsequently compress the gas and form new stars – provided you detonate the supernova at the right place. Once you achieved the designated star quotas, you move on to the next level. Do it wrongly, the cloud dissipates and The End.

I did very badly in the game… how bout u?



~ by thChieh on April 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Star Formation Game”

  1. How on earth did those top players get their astronomical score?

  2. i’ve no idea… i can’t even get 1000…

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