Busy busy busy times…

Today I realise that I’ve not posted anything for one whole month! Hopefully my regular reader won’t think that this blog is dead!

The blog is still alive, just that the author is too busy with everyday life that (can you believe that!) I have to temporary put the stars aside… or to be more precise, to put writing about the stars aside… I didn’t forget about the stars; I still remember to look up every time I’m outside; I still saw the beautiful sunset crescent moon, I still saw Orion setting in the west, I still saw Scorpius making appearance in the night sky now, I still saw brilliant Venus and Jupiter in the early morning; it’s just that I have no time to write about and share all these with you.

It’s a pity, this year is the International Year of Astronomy, I should be actively taking parts in promoting astronomy, but the timing is so not right now. Only just now I’ve manage to clear up some (just some) outdated news feeds and found a few interesting stories that I hope to share with you all. I try to get them out soon, and hopefully you don’t mind I’m posting some outdated news (and of course not forgetting some fresh news along the way).

And talking about seeing the crescent moon in the evening, it really reminds me how time flies… “What, crescent moon again?!?!” => translates to “another month had passed!!!”. It’s really scary to think about that…

Warning! Summer solstice is around the corner


~ by thChieh on May 14, 2009.

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