Astrophotography Exhibition at Planetarium Negara

Seeing in the Dark


This is the theme of the Astrophotography Exhibition currently held at Planetarium Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

As part of the activities for International Year of Astronomy 2009, our national space agency, ANGKASA, is organising this exhibition with the objective to share the beauty and uniqueness of our universe with the public by showcasing astrophotographs taken by local amateurs.

The exhibition is held from Jun 26, 2009 until Aug 2, 2009 and admission is free.




The above pictures are snapshots of the exhibition hall. Can you guess why I purposely show these two pictures? Because my photos were among them! See the “white round Sun” in the first picture, that’s my shot of Mercury Transit. And in the next picture, the middle one is my Smiley Face taken last December and the top rightmost is constellation Crux and Centaurus taken back in 2007.

I was never a dedicated photographer, I only shot when is convenient – when I were about going out for dinner and if I saw something nice in the sky, then I give the sky a shot. If I was somewhere observing and the sky is clear, then I give it a shot. I seldom go the extra miles (like travelling hundreds of kilometres to a dark site, staying up the whole night, or wake up very early in the morning) to take nice pictures. So you see that most of my photos are taken near my house and during sunset and those photos always ended up sitting in my hard drive (or maybe in some friends’ hard drive too).

This is the first time my photos were in the public exhibition and I’m very happy… woooooo… a sense of achievement…

If you are free, why not drop by Planetarium Negara and admire the works of our local astrophotographers?


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