Mars in High Resolutions

This is for Mars’ fans…

Flows in the Aeolis Region

Last month the HiSIRE camera onboard Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) released thousands of images of Mars, showing a wide range of gullies, dunes, craters, geological layering and other features on the Red Planet.

Flows in the Aeolis Region

HiRISE stands for High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment. I don’t need to say more – the name itself already tells you that these images are of high resolution. Each full image covers a strip of Martian ground 6 km wide, about two to four times that long, showing details as small as 1 meter across!

If you have the time, go and drown yourself in the images.

 Hydrated Crater in Tyrrhena Terra

Columnar Jointing in Wall of Impact Crater

Tharsis Region Target


~ by thChieh on October 13, 2009.

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