Launch Your Face/Name to Space

Not everyone can be an astronaut, I’m one example… Although I may not be physically in space, at least I’ve my name flying in space with a few spacecrafts (as if that’ll make me feel better). Now NASA takes one step further with the space shuttle mission by asking us to send our face to space aboard the final two shuttle missions – Discovery (STS-133) and Endeavour (STS-134).

Here is how to part of history:

  1. Go to “Send your Face to Space” website,
  2. click on the Participate button,
  3. read and agree the terms and conditions,
  4. fill in your details,
  5. select your mission,
  6. upload your picture (it’s OK if you don’t have or don’t want to upload your picture, they can just fly your name only)
  7. click submit,
  8. print and save the confirmation page with your flight information.
  9. After the landing of the space shuttle, return to the website to print your Flight Certificate (a commemorative certificate signed by the Mission Commander)

Go and sign-up… as of now, there are a total of 112065 participants. Hopefully, you can also be part of this statistic.


~ by thChieh on June 11, 2010.

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