Astronomy Video and Audio Podcasts

I’m old-fashioned (although I’m not old). I don’t enjoy reading from the monitor. I love printed books and magazines. I can only fully enjoy an article if it’s in hardcopy form (sorry trees… but I did tried not to print out everything I want to read, unless those that are really interesting).

Having said that, there are these things in the new digital age that I truly enjoy – videos and audio podcasts. Videos will give a totally different experience of our universe, and sometimes, having someone telling you a cosmic story and showing you the pictures at the same time is so enjoyable. And audio podcasts are really a time saver – I never again wasted my time waiting for a bus/train, driving in a car or staring out from a long-journey bus watching the trees racing by.

So what I’ve done here is collected some of the podcasts that I follow into a page (at the sidebar). (Although there is still a lot of great podcasts out there, limited time prevented me from enjoying them all.)

Hope you will enjoy them too!


~ by thChieh on August 24, 2010.

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