New Horizon Spacecraft may be on a Stamp, with your help

You can help to put a spacecraft on a US postage stamp.

The mission team for NASA New Horizon spacecraft, the first spacecraft in human history that will visit Pluto, had come up with the idea of putting the spacecraft on a stamp to commemorate the encounter:

New Horizon left Earth in January 2006, and will reach Pluto in July 2015. New Horizon is the fastest spacecraft ever launched, but it still takes more than 9 years to reach its destination.

According to their news release, “You can help make this happen,” says New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern. “We’re asking people to sign the petition, because the post office considers not just the merits of a new stamp proposal, but also whether it is supported by a significant number of people.” They are starting the process now because it can take three years or longer for a postage stamp proposal to result in an actual stamp, hopefully will coincide with the encounter.

Pluto had made it into a stamp before, in 1990, labelled “Not Yet Explored”. Now New Horizon is on the way to explore it, so I think this stamp serve as an update to its status.

I had signed the petition, if you think you like it, then sign it. I’m not sure how we can get the stamp here (if it really do made into an actual stamp), but I think it’s cool to have a spacecraft on a stamp.


~ by thChieh on February 6, 2012.

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