Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus

This is going to be good.

From today onwards until end of March, every evening, after you have finished your dinner, go outside and look west. A beautiful sight awaits.

There, in the twilight, the brightest planets in the sky – Jupiter and Venus – shine brightly. Higher up is Jupiter and nearer to the horizon is Venus.

Go out again the same time tomorrow, the view will be better. Jupiter and Venus are slightly nearer now. In mid-February, they are about 20 degrees apart. By end of the month, their separation shrinks to 10 degrees. They will continue to converge until mid-March, when their separation is at minimum – only 3 degrees apart.

Jupiter and Venus converging from Feb 23 to Mar 27, 2012. Star chart for Kuala Lumpur (~3N, ~101E), 8:30 pm. Star chart generated from Stellarium.


Pay special attention to the evenings of Feb 25-27 and Mar 25-27, when a crescent moon will join the duo. You do not want to miss them.

Conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. Kuala Lumpur Sky, Feb 26 (top) and Mar 26 (bottom), 8:30 pm

Don’t worry if you are living in a city with light pollutions or if the weather is not excellent. The Moon, Venus and Jupiter are the three brightest objects in the night sky; together they can shine though streetlights, and even some thin clouds.

Not always do we have so many bright objects group together in such a small area of the sky. So, if they weather is good, then head out and take a look. Trust me, you will be mesmerised.


Always look up, and you will be rewarded with the beauty of the night sky…


~ by thChieh on February 23, 2012.

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  1. […] Last month, I was in Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia when the Moon met Venus and Jupiter. The sky was clear, so we had a good view of the trio. It’s still not too late to enjoy the scene, see my previous post for more info. […]

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