Busy times…

It has been a very busy month, and also for the months to come…

If you are a regular visitor here, you will notice that I didn’t post much for the last month. When I started this blog, I hope that at least I’ll have a post a day. But unfortunately, my daytime job is eating up a very big chuck of my time, and I’m left with little time to even catch up on the space news.

I will, however, try to post as much as I can, aiming at about three posts a week. Hopefully it can be more.

At the meantime, if you want up-to-date astronomy and space news, I suggest that you drop by Universe Today or visit the Planetary Society Weblog for more specific news on our Solar System.

Always look up, and you will be rewarded with the beauty of the night sky…


~ by thChieh on July 6, 2008.

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